Hey, what happened to “Because Everyone Deserves One Damn Good Headshot?!”

Due to the impact of COVID-19 I am no longer accepting clients and temporarily suspending business operations. Thank you to everyone for your support and I hope to see you all again when the world returns to something approximating normal!

<Record scratch>Closed. History. Done and dusted. See the blog for details.

In the meantime, I’m transitioning the site over to the other work that I do. It is still mostly portraiture of some sort, only now it is frequently NSFW. For details, see the post And Now For Something Completely Different.

Recent Work

  • Why I Adore Black & White
    Here’s a dirty little photography secret: I don’t work in black and white because I’m artistic. I work in black and white because I’m lazy.*
  • Bodyscape & Bustier
  • A Splash of Green
    “Don’t forget to take Jo her shirt!,” my wife would tell me every time Jo and I worked together. Jo had left the green, sheer, I guess “shirt?”, during one of our early shoots and it lived in the closet for about 18 months. Every time I’d shoot Jo my wife would tell me the… Continue reading A Splash of Green
  • Burlesque Artist Ivy Sublime
    Sometimes you just have to let the image speak for itself.
  • Lilith in Natural Light
    Just another entry in my “women playing with their hair” oeuvre (#jaeimwpwtho)
  • Regaining Artistic Control: A Manifesto
    Social media is a hostile landscape for SWers and other creatives. Here’s how we regain control over our content and futures.