A Splash of Green

Jo Rose, Local Burlesque Artist

“Don’t forget to take Jo her shirt!,” my wife would tell me every time Jo and I worked together. Jo had left the green, sheer, I guess “shirt?”, during one of our early shoots and it lived in the closet for about 18 months.

Every time I’d shoot Jo my wife would tell me the same thing and every time I’d forget. When it came to scheduling our latest session I was determined to not forget, going so far as to set a reminder on my phone.

Here’s how the session started.

“Hey, look! I finally remembered your shirt!”

“I don’t remember owning that shirt.”

Ok, maybe you had to be there. The point is that we recovered from our bout of sartorial awkwardness and incorporated it into our session, with the result being the photo above. We also incorporated her glasses for the first time, which are adorable on her.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Ivy Sublime, local burlesque artist

For those looking for headshots: welcome! It looks a bit…different…around here. Less head-shotty, more NSFW.

The cold, hard reality I’ve been dealing with is that in the era of COVID, specializing in headshot photography is just too risky. My studio is in my home, which I share with a nurse, a college student, and a first-grader. My wife treats COVID-positive patients. I, myself, travel frequently for work. We follow strict health and safety guidelines–only going out when needed, social distancing, hand washing with gusto–but the reality is that half of us have to go out and when we do we’re engaging with people waaaaay outside our pods.

I like making money with my photography and I love making people look their best, but there is no way in hell I’m going to put my clients at risk. I’ve watched way too many episodes of The Good Place and I know what a casual disregard for others gets you (spoiler: it’s The Bad Place).

Headshots were only one part of my oeuvre. Outside of that I enjoy exploring the more sensual side of the photographic arts, from art nudes to fashion nudes to kink and fetish. Which, as an asexual, is kind of hilarious, but that’s a post for another day. I have largely been sharing this work on various photography and social media sites, but as they have begun to get more aggressively and indiscriminately puritanical I wanted a place of my own where I can share these creations with the world.

Turns out, I have a website where I can do that! But I also wanted to be true to myself and not hide these works off in some dingy little corner where you feel creepy viewing them and I feel shameful for needing to hide them. I love this side of my craft and I’m proud of these images. It is my hope that you’ll enjoy them as well.

And, gods be willing, when COVID is wrestled to the ground and life returns to some semblance of normal, I’ll return to the headshot game.