Adieu, Chris Ubik Photography, LLC

I have decided to shutter the LLC. There are many reasons, but it it basically comes down to: I’m not really feeling it anymore and I don’t want to fake my way through interactions I’m not invested in.

This year has not revealed people to be their best. COVID has revealed a significant portion of the public to be selfish, venial, entitled, anti-science crybabies. The last election has revealed a significant portion of the population to be white-supremacist-enabling, fascism-leaning, “fuck your feelings” spewing, firearm-worshiping Neanderthals.

Result? 567,000 US deaths at the time of writing and another peak as people let their guards down. Well done, anti-science crybabies.

And then there are the inhumanities we’ve normalized, from George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, and the current violence against the AAPI community. Let’s not forget the now daily mass shootings we’ve seen of late.

The world is a dumpster fire and if the choices are “go back to being a hobbyist” and “have to explain for the nth time that yeah, I saw the confederate battle flag sticker in the background on one of your recent posts, so NO we’re not going to be working together” then I am choosing hobbyist.

The paperwork has been filed and once official with the Secretary of State I’ll start closing accounts. Fortunately my P&L statement over the last year was exactly nil, so this’ll be easy.

So what does Chris Ubik Photography (No LLC) look like going forward? In a nutshell:

I will continue to work with the small, merry band of miscreants I’ve been working with lately. We lift each other up and I’m eager to provide all their photographic needs.

I will not be accepting any new clients in 2021, with two caveats: 1) unless I reach out to you, and 2) unless you come highly recommended by someone in Team Merry Miscreants and survive the vetting process.

Until 2022, be well and FOR FUCK’S SAKE, be nicer to people!

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By Chris Ubik

I am a (former) headshot and (current) nude art photographer living in Hillsborough, NC. I'm semi-retired for the rest of 2021, because this pandemic has revealed people to be the worst and I need to rediscover my love of the craft. In the meantime, enjoy my stuff!

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